We All Need To Be Valued

One of things I miss is having a husband that loved and valued me.  Love in a marriage is often expected but being valued as a person comes with the maturity of the relationship.   I’m still loved and valued by family and friends but it’s not quite the same as from a husband.

I eventually found that when I was looking for my own individual gratification – it was short lived. However, when I had a hand in someone else’s success, it’s  that connection that made me feel valued.

Greatness is when you bring more to the table of life than just you own needs.  When you step up to enable others to dream you build up their self-esteem.  Helping someone build a dream is vital to maintaining their growth and self-confidence.  Indirectly you will feel valued as a true friend and family member.  Value is earned, but it’s easy to earn because helping others is very rewarding.

If you feel depressed and undervalued than step up and help others.  It will do you a world of good!

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