Friends Help Widow Friends

I can not begin to tell you how important it is to get out of the house.  After your husband dies life is just bleak and there is no joy.  It is too easy to hide within yourself and not bother with anyone.  They don’t understand anyway and your life is completely different, meanwhile everyone else has gone back to their normal lives.

But you can’t do it – the longer you withdraw from others the harder it will be to get your balance back.  You have to force yourself to get out and then force yourself to relax and eventually you will be able to find some joy again.

This month at “Chicks Night Out” we watched the movie “August Rush” – eat chocloate covered strawberries, homemade cup cakes, chicken, lots of sandwiches plus so much more.  And after all that we still had popcorn with the movie.  There is no way I can explain the enjoyment of sharing time with other widows and making new friends.  We laugh and enjoy ourselves  – we heal.

Please, please take my advise and get out because life isn’t so bad when you share it with friends.

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