Valentine’s Day as a Widow

Often we respond to the pain in our lives by instinctively shutting it out of our mind.  Denial is a form of disengagement but although it numbs the pain, it also delays our healing.

Facing the truth about how our lives have changed will give us the opportunity to acknowledge the pain and start our healing.  If you deny your feelings of grief, they may fester inside and take a toll on your health – mentally and physically.  Some may seek short term escape from their pain with alcohol, drugs, overeating, casual sex and the list goes on.

Numbing out is the act of not feeling much of anything and this is a common form of denial.  We need to look honestly at our own behavior and to take responsibility for the choices that we make.  Ask yourself:  How are the choices I make physically – diet, exercise, sleep and stress management – serving my needs?

It’s Valentine’s Day and you may not have your loved one but you’re an important person in the lives of your family.  You need to treat yourself with respect because if you don’t value yourself than who will?

From One Widow to Another – Happy Valentine’s Day

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