Finding Support After a Death

Grief is so much easier when it’s shared with others, so don’t grieve alone.  Being able to express your feelings will help lighten the burden of grief.

Turn to friends and family members. Draw on the love of those around you and accept all the help that is offered to you.  They want to help so tell them what you need and don’t let pride get in your way.

Draw comfort from your faith. Praying, meditating or going to church can offer solace.  Embrace the comfort you get from having your faith.

Look for a support group. Sharing your sorrow with others who have also suffered a loss can be healing.  Contact hospitals, hospices, funeral homes and counseling centers to find a group in your local are.

Talk to a therapist or grief counselor. Sometimes grief is just too much to bear on your own.  An experienced professional can help you work through your intense emotions.

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