Part Three – Widows and Self-Care

The very first thing I want you to do is get yourself a journal or notebook. Make sure that you love its size, color and design so that you will feel comfortable putting your most precious thoughts in it. Pick one that gives you lots of space to write and that is easy to carry around.

Keeping a journal will start you on a journey of self-reflection. You will write out your feelings – angry, lonely, and unhappy with the way things turned out. You will find comfort in putting your thoughts in writing and please don’t be a critic of your writing skills.

Don’t listen to your inner critic telling you what you should or shouldn’t write. Just start writing and don’t stop. Put all your focus on filling out the page and before you know it you will be on the second and third page. Lose yourself in the experience and you will soon uncover thoughts and feelings that you were not even aware of.

Don’t worry about writing long passages every day, if you are really busy just write a paragraph or two about your day. The important thing is that you develop the habit of extreme self-care by taking the time to journal every day.

Later on your journal will give you a chance to look back over this period of your life and see how you have healed. Your journal will become filled with your life – the pain, the laughter, the significant events , the searching questions of why life is the way it is and most importantly how it all came together to make you the person you are today.

  1. Joan Tenasco
    | Reply

    I`m new in this journey. I`ve been writing in a journal since my husband passed in September of 2016.
    It`s so difficult still.

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