Part Four – Widows and Self-Care

Ok – Now it gets a little bit harder. I want you to take your journal out and write your life story. This is a very powerful exercise of learning who you are as a person and where you came from.

Writing the details of your life will help you understand that the choices you’ve made have brought you to this point in your life.

Don’t let this idea overwhelm you because you can just do it in bullet-list form if you want. Start by breaking down the events that most affected you and then go back and fill in between these events.

Ask yourself these questions:

• What were your most vibrate memories – good and bad?
• When did you feel the most loved, angry, betrayed etc,?
• When did your choices change the path of your life?
• Are there certain people that affected your life and how?

Take your time doing this in as much detail as possible because the actual process will deepen the connection you have with yourself. You will start to have compassion for all that you have been through and you will appreciate your inner strength.

The events and details are different for each of us but we all have the underlying need for more self-care. When you are finished, step back and ask yourself – What did I discover while writing the story of my life?

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