Part Five – Widows and Self-Care

You have written your life story up to this point in time.  Now, you need to take a closer look at how you are living your life at this present moment.

Life is made up of many parts and no one part is more or less important than another.  The key to a balanced life is giving your attention to every part (emotionally, physically, spiritually, relationships, work time, leisure time) because they are all parts of the whole.

You need to naturally spend your time and energy on all parts so you will be less vulnerable when changes occur in one area or another.  Take an honest assessment of your present life and see where you are out of balance.  Awareness has to come first before you can see your way to making any changes that are needed.

Now, let’s look at your life.  Take out your journal and ask yourself these questions:

  • Where might my life need more attention?
  • What do I spend my time doing?
  • Why am I neglecting parts of my life or putting them on hold?
  • Do I wish that I could dedicate more time to my health or to having more fun?
  • Am I spending enough time with family and friends?
  • What would I like to learn or do that I could start doing this month?

Don’t be surprised if you feel a sense of loss when you stop to look at how you have been living your life, assuming it’s not the way you want it to be.  Some things we just can’t change but those things that we can change we should have the courage to do so.

Write about how you feel and notice the areas that you want to change.  Feel the conflict between your comfort zone and fear of change.  Write about this awareness in your journal.

2 Responses

  1. Brenda
    | Reply

    I’ve been a widow for a year now. I made the decision to take off my wendidg rings the other day. I feel naked and relieved at the same time. Naked that those rings have been on my hand for the last 9 years, and relieved, because I’m finally ready to move on with my life. My husband was my last and best love. This was just a curiosity question: Widows/Widowers, When did you stop wearing your wendidg ring? Please no rude answers, thank you.

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Not all widows are the same just like we were different as wives. Some stop wearing their wedding rings after the first year, some years later and than there are those that never take them off. The main thing is that they take if off when they are ready and not when others think they should. I took my rings off in the fourth year and had them made into a pentant. I’ve written some blogs about dating and wedding rings for widows at Please stop by and read them. Take care, Mary Francis

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