Part Seven – Widows and Self-Care

You need to share your life with people who care about you because relationships are an important part of your self-care.  They shape who you are and add meaning to your life.

We all need to belong, be part of a community and feel like we add value to others.  When we are grieving, it’s too easy to take for granted that people will understand.  But everyone has their limits and putting a relationship on hold for too long, especially if you do it over and over again, may take a toll and eventually it may damage the relationship.

If you have been guilty of this don’t worry – it’s never too late to rebuild a relationship that has been suffering from neglect. A strong relationship (family and friends) will enrich your life and provide you with a sense of security. You may not realize it but when relationships weaken they will wear you down and cost you more emotional energy then you can afford.

  • Are there relationships that you have been taking for granted?
  • Are there family and friends that need your time and attention?
  • On the other side are there some relationships that are draining you?
  • Who empowers you and makes you feel good about yourself?
  • Stop and reexamine the relationships in your life.

Write in your journal the names of the people in your life and where they fit in your current lifestyle.

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