Part Nine – Widows and Self-Care

For some a spiritual life is a religious role within a church community and for others it is a sense of peace that comes from spending time in nature, meditation or different spiritual practices.

“Spiritual well-being” means different things to different people but there is no denying that most people want to feel connected to a Divine presence in some way.

No matter how you choose to honor your spiritual life, you’ll find inner peace by doing so.  Take time to think about this side of your life as it’s another part to your emotional health.

Start by creating a space in your home that you can spend time relaxing and enjoying some peace and tranquility.  Transform the space by painting it your favorite soft colors and filling it with things that touch you deeply.  When in this space focus on your spiritual life as you want it to be and not as you think others want it to be.

  • Think about when you last felt peaceful and relaxed.
  • At that time where were you and what were you doing?
  • What shape is your spiritual life in?
  • How has it changed in the last few years?
  • What does a “spiritual life” mean to you?

This is the most personal and intense part of your self-care.  It is not hinged on anyone or anything but your own feelings and choices.  This is where faith comes in or not and only you can tell because it’s your journey

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