Part Ten – Widows and Self-Care

It is a lot easier to share with others when you have lots but as a widow you may be low on finances and energy. Instead of holding back this is the time to reach out to others who are less fortunate than you are.

Being of service and offering your support to those in need will remind you of how fortunate you are and how we all need each other. Of course life isn’t the way you had planned but when you are out and about it will soon dawn on you that life is seldom the way any of us plans for it be.

You can share your time, knowledge or money and have lots of fun doing it. Remember a time when someone was there for you and how much you appreciated it.

• When you reach out to help others how does it make you feel?
• What do you have to contribute and it doesn’t have to be money?
• Reflect on some of the ways you can have a more balanced life.
• Everyone has a different vision for themselves – how would a balanced life look to you?
• What do you want more of, and what needs to go?

It’s time to write your vision of the future based on a complete, balanced and full life. This vision may sound like a fantasy because you are still trying to get rebalanced, but first you have to have a vision before you can make it a reality.

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