Part Eleven – Widows and Self-Care

Our culture values thinking with our heads based on our experiences, knowledge and education. But to honor our self-care we have to get in touch with our feelings. Maybe the most sensible way of doing things is not in your best interest because it follows the priorities of others instead of what you feel like doing.

Your stress and anxiety increases as you put up with stuff so that everyone else is happy. You need to listen to your soul, your inner voice that tells you that if it doesn’t feel right don’t do it. The more you live by head knowledge and distance yourself from your feelings the more numb you will end up feeling.

You will seem disconnected because you are not emotional available. Life is hard and sometimes things are happening around us so fast that we can’t stop to feel and so we tend to act impulsively.

When you have to make a decision stop, relax and notice how you feel:

• Is it something you really want to do?
• Do you feel tense?
• Are you rushing so you don’t have to stop and feel?
• Or are you going too slow and not making any decisions out of fear?

Life is far richer when you stop to feel with your heart and not just with your head. You have an inner voice that will guide you to make decisions that are right for you. This inner voice has more wisdom than we are aware of because it is connected to our spiritual soul.

I encourage you to open up this line of communication between how you feel and your heart and your head knowledge. Please pay attention to your feelings and your inner voice.

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