How Do You Give Bad News To A Widow?

Often it’s not the bad news that makes someone angry but the unsympathetic attitude with which it is delivered.   Everyone has at one time or another given bad news and received bad news.

Do you remember when you received bad news?  Was it given with compassion, a sympathetic demeanor?  Did you feel like they shared your sentiments?  Remember these feelings when you have to give bad news to someone.

How would you feel if after a long and weary flight, a hotel clerk cheerfully smiled that your room would not be ready for another hour?  Perhaps you were on the way out to the beach and the neighbor stopped to happily tell you that it was going to rain?  If either one of these people had told you the bad news with sympathy than it would have been easier to hear.

Before delivering any bad news think about the receiver and then deliver it with the correct emotional sentiment.  Show that you are connected and care by your own smile, sigh or sob.

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