Where Does All The Widow’s Time Go?

Do you sometimes feel like you have no choice about how you use your time?  We all have choices but some may be difficult and so we make no choice at all.  But don’t confuse tough choices with no choices.

If you want a quick improvement in the quality of your life, make a big choice.  Sure, the decision may be hard and others may not react well to it but you need to guard your time and spend it wisely.

You can start at a slower pace and make a small choice that will add fun or reduce your stress level.  The point is, you are in control and the choices are there if you are ready and willing to make them.

You know more than anyone that time is finite and that it is a gift we often take for granted.   It’s not until an illness or death of a loved one that we stop and take a serious look at how we are spending this gift.

The only way to make more time is to say no to time wasters, schedule less and start to “self-manage” instead of “time manage”.

As a widow we have to do all the things that two people use to do and we just keep on doing and doing, handling everything until we just burn out.  It’s just too easy to lose track of our time and before we know it our priorities are out of order.

It’s important to stop and take a close look at what is really taking up your time.  You may think that your priority is your family but your schedule may show that you are only spending a few hours of quality time with them.

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