Do You Feel Empty Inside?

A grieving widow has an empty feeling in her gut; and she may expect friends to help fill it.  You need to express your feelings of grief, but it’s a fine line because if you are continually repeating yourself some of your friends may drift away.

This empty feeling is like a big wound that makes you very vulnerable to being hurt.  When people get too close, you tend to push them away, but then on the other hand you also pull people towards you for emotional support.  You could be sending quite a mixed message to your friends.

There is no quick fix for that empty feeling and you have to have patience with your friends because they don’t quite know what to do with you.  That’s understandable because the truth is – you don’t know what to do with yourself either.

If you feel that your friends are moving away from you then stop and think about what has been going on around you.  To have a friend you have to be a friend.  When we are grieving we lose focus and are unbalanced and because of that we don’t think and act as we normally do.

Our friends and family love us but their lives will move on much faster than a widow’s life.  A widow needs to find her balance before she can start to move forward.

In the meantime don’t blame them for the emptiness because they can’t fill the space left behind by your husband’s death.  They want to but it’s just not possible.  The only way that space will grow smaller is by you growing stronger and filling it yourself.

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