Grief Will Emotionally Drain You

When widows are emotionally drained not sleeping is a frequent problem.  They have trouble going to sleep without using some kind of drug or alcohol.  Then they wake up early and can’t get back to sleep but yet they feel like they never got any sleep at all.

Grief is hard work and you will feel emotionally tired until your mind and heart start to heal.  This will take some time and sleep does not come easy because we are not at peace and cannot control our feelings, mind or heart.

Eating is also a problem during our grief time.  Some widows may not even have an appetite and they lose weight because they don’t feel like eating.  They have an empty feeling and food has no appeal.  Others may go the other way and eat out of loneliness and despair.

As widows we should watch out for the physical, mental and spiritual changes that happen and not let them take control of our lives.  Try to find other ways to handle your sleeping and eating without using drugs or alcohol; example exercise or new activities.

Having said that there are widows that have slipped from grief into depression and should seek out a doctor’s advice to help them deal with the emotional journey they are on.  They may need some temporary help with their sleeping and eating.  You know what is best and if you need help than please ask for it.  As you travel this journey you will grow emotionally stronger and not be so drained of energy.

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