Get a Grip on the Paper Work

Often in the earliest stages of grief we have to deal with a lot of paper work.  Contact the professionals and ask for clarification for everything that you are not sure of.  In fact, I recommend that you get a notebook to write out all your things that have to be done and who you need to call.

Make a list of everyone that you need to contact:

  • Bank representative – mortgage, investments etc.
  • Insurance Agent –  remember that you may want to review your own policies
  • Social Security Office – fill out forms for any payments that are due to you
  • Financial Adviser  – get some professional advice on investments if you have extra money
  • Your husband’s employer – they have to issue last pay check and possible company insurance
  • Cable company, Hydro, Phone – to change names on the accounts
  • Car or truck registration may need to be update
  • Vehicle insurance needs to be updated
  • Lawyer – your will is now outdated and needs to be redone
  • Funeral Home – now that you are on your own you may want to preplan your own funeral
  • Add to this list as you think of others that you will have to contact.

Don’t make any hasty decisions about money until you have the knowledge needed to be comfortable with your decision.  Take advantage of all the help that is available.   If there are any financial planning workshops in your area make an effort to go to them.

List all your debts and your assets so that you know exactly where you stand and if you need help go get it.  Your problems will not go away on their own and as you deal with them you will grow more confident in your abilities and knowledge.

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