A Widow’s Resource Site

Our new updated website www.sisterhoodofwidows.com is online today and it makes us one of the very best resource sites for widows.

The home page has over three hundred blogs grouped in specific categories for easy reading.

Widows will find resources from all of these webpages “Stages of Grief”, “Grief Resources”, “Cooking For One”, ” Health For Widows” and “Insurance/Finances”.

There is a special page just for widows called “Widow Stories” where you can read stories from other widows.

Funeral Homes have a section for their business, plus information about the book program.

Also a very special “Featured Products” page filled with products that have samples you can listen to.

Last but not least there is a monthly newsletter that you can sign up for and receive three free gifts just for giving us a try.


Please check us out at www.sisterhoodofwidows.com and like us online.

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