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    I recently lost my husband (8/17/20), we were married for 14 years together for almost 20, I am 42, he was my other half, my opposite, my friend, companion, and now he is gone. I came across this website while searching help for the grieving widow and so far many of the things posted have cleared the fog a little bit. When he passed I felt like a huge part inside me was torn away and taken with him. I feel angry, lonely, there’s doubts, questions, I’ve cried to the point that I feel I can’t cry anymore. I know it is a process and the information here will help me see a different side of all this I am experiencing and going through. I read the sample of dating again, and to be honest, I feel the total opposite when it comes to the sexual part. I have not had the desire to be with anyone intimately or sexually since he passed, must be because I feel that he took that from me as well. I will be reading a few of your books, guidelines, with the hope to help me through the healing process. I just wanted to share this, it is hard but not difficult to overcome I know, I have been through so much in life, but this trial has been the biggest test I have ever had to face. Thank you for all shared here and God continue to bless you and enlighten you to help all us widows out here.

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