Widows – Words are Powerful

Widows have to work to get re-balanced after the death of their loved ones and one of the best things is to talk more positively to ourselves.  Words are powerful and they can make us feel worse or they can have a less negative affect if we just modify them a bit.

Try these simple word changes and see how they can transform a negative into a more neutral and therefore more controlled situation:

Negative Emotion           To                           More Neutral

angry                                    to                            disenchanted

afraid                                    to                            uncomfortable

anxious                                to                            concerned

depressed                            to                            on the road to recovery

disappointed                        to                            delayed

disgusted                             to                            surprised

failure                                   to                            learning

frustrated                             to                            challenged

humiliated                            to                            uncomfortable

hurt                                      to                            bothered

I could go on and on, but by now you should see how powerful words can be and how there will be a huge effect on your emotional energy by only slightly changing them.

  1. Kaye Peterson
    | Reply

    Yesterday I went to a neighbor’s retirement party. The aloneness of being a single person really hit home. Even though Paul and I didn’t attend many things as a couple, I knew that he’d be there when I got home waiting to hear everything that went on. I went home early to my empty house. A wave of grief hit and I didn’t want people to see me hurting. I’m slowing working my way through it.

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