Widows and Helplessness

Nothing can be more crippling to a widow’s ability to heal than learned helplessness.  It prevents us from changing our lives in a positive way.  Widows can control how they think, feel and what they do, but they don’t always take that control and shape their own destiny.

The real power that shapes your destiny is you taking control and making decisions that determine the quality of life you will have in the future.  No one can or should be making those decisions for you.

What will determine your quality of life in the future will be the decisions you make today concerning the challenges you face as a widow.  On one hand you shouldn’t make any quick decisions without time to think and research all possible avenues.  On the other hand you have to be careful that you don’t procrastinate and become helpless out of  fear of the unknown.

It is not always the big decisions that move us forward.  Small decisions that you and I make every day can and will create our destinies.  Even making a decision, to not make a decision will have consequences so there is no avoiding it.

Life is cumulative and the results we are experiencing today are often from a host of small decisions we’ve made in the past.  Don’t be helpless – take control of your future. Your success will determined by the decisions and the actions you take each day.


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