Widows and Ways To Change Your Focus

Make a list of ways that can change your focus and your thinking into a more positive frame of mind.  I love playing music and reading is another way to make myself feel good.  It changes my focus from feeling sorry for myself to relaxing and learning something new.

Although exercise is not my strong suit, I know that by exercising I can break out of my bad mood.  When I’m really troubled a long walk helps me out of my mood and gives me time to think my problems out.

Making time for friends and family is important and it’s hard to focus just on my needs when I’m contributing to the lives of others.  I polish up my memories by reading my past journal entries and this always reinforces how far I’ve come on my journey.

I enjoy dancing around and being silly all by myself as I sing along to my favorite CDs.  But for me nothing beats a long soak in a hot bath with a glass of wine and a good book.  It helps me change my focus from negative to positive (or at least a more comfortable) state of mind.

This is my list of ways that I use to change my focus.  What is on your list?

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