Widows – Be Yourself

We mustn’t allow anyone to minimize our feelings.  When this happens, stop and say “let me tell you how it’s affecting me” and educate them to your feelings.

Name and claim the value of your feelings of distress as natural and appropriate responses to the death of your loved one.  Having these feelings doesn’t make you a basket case!

We needn’t downplay these emotions, nor do we benefit from “checking out” until we’re back to our “old” selves.  The truth is that we have been changed by our experience and will never be our “old” selves again.

It is OK to play, to be outrageous, to laugh and enjoy our lives.  We need to be ourselves, in all our glory – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Stand tall and don’t let anyone devalue you by not respecting the importance of what you are going through.


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  1. Nicole
    | Reply

    Hello Mary Lee
    Not sure how I found your site but I did. As I took a look at it I was amazed to see how much good information is there for all to see. I am a hospice volunteer and do grief and bereavement support. So my question to you is would I be allowed to share some of the helpful things I find on your website with the folks I support and the groups I run?
    I am definitely going to pass your link to a few of my widows that I know would benefit from reading your site.
    Thank you for the work you do helping others on their journey.

  2. Mary Francis
    | Reply

    Thank you for your kind support. Of course please share all the resources from the website. My main reason for having the site is to share resources and provide support.

    Please go online and comment on any of the blogs that you find helpful.

    Take care and thank you for all the work you do to help others.

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