Are you a Healing Widow or not?

The widows of the twenty-first century make goals and are motivated to create new lives for themselves.  They dare to seek balance and travel a journey from grief to healing.  They want to pursue goals that help them enjoy their free time, maintain their health and bring peace into their life.

The widows know that the journey is the goal.  They realize that they are in control of their lives and if they are dissatisfied with their journey, they are missing the point of the journey itself.  It takes time to grieve and you can’t rush the journey.

A healing widow achieves balance from the very start.  She respects her quiet time as much as her social time, never allowing too much of one to interfere with the other.  Unnecessary haste to grieve frequently undermines even the best of intentions.

A healing widow is fully aware that patience is her ally, and she has to heal with time.  She does not have to exchange her memories for a future of peace.  A healing widow knows that she can have both her memories and inner peace.

She is effective in every aspect of her healing, because she has filled in the gaps between her strengths and weaknesses with people who abound in the joy and peace that she seeks.

So the question is –  Are you a Healing Widow or not?

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