Thanksgiving in Canada

Fall in Canada is a beautiful time of the year and the colors are perfect for Thanksgiving Day.

I’m often too busy and that is just the way that I handle my life, but recently I had a wake up call.  I was on the road for work and it was early morning with the sun coming up and shining on the colorful leaves of the trees.  I just had to stop the car on the side of the road and take some pictures.  That was one of those moments in life when I realized how beautiful the world is and how special it has been made.  This Thanksgiving I not only want to thank God of family and friends, I also want to thank him for creating this world; even with all it’s ups and downs.

This world is often unappreciated with all it’s natural beauty and the love of good people.  I’m going to make an effort to stop the negative talk and seek out the more positive things in life.  I’m going to start by framing this picture as a reminder of just how beautiful life is.



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