Have you ever known someone who beams with contentment?
They are hard to find and very rare.

To have deep contentment is like having a buffer of peace always surrounding you.  It’s not that nothing hard or painful ever happens to you, it’s just that you have this clarity of focus, this ability to laugh amidst difficulty and this deep satisfaction that doesn’t change with the ups and downs of life.

Something happens to me when I’m with people who are deeply contented with life, I actually soak that contentment in and it feeds my soul.  On the other hand when I’m with people who are negative and discontented I find myself unhappy.

Contentment has been defined as a resting of the mind without craving more of what it doesn’t have.

All things in my life – my work, my money, my body, my relationships are important parts of my life, but my heart is not tied to them.  But I’m like most women my age and I struggle to love my body image even though I’m physically and mentally healthy.

What would it be like to not be tied to our body image and to be content with being healthy? It’s like nothing is ever good enough and we have the “not-enough syndrome”.  Our body is not thin enough, our job is not rewarding enough, our _____ is not _____ enough.

Why is it so hard to be content with what we have?  It is a lie that contentment will come once we get what we crave.  Contentment comes from the inner peace we have with ourselves and also from our surroundings.

Go out and seek those people who have found their inner contentment and spend some time with them.  Learning from others is one of the best ways to find your way on this journey of life.

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