Make The Most of Your Time

Questions have the power to instantly change your focus.

These simple questions will immediately direct your attention and your thinking toward your top priorities.  Just ask yourself these questions throughout the day to start making better use of your time.

  • What is the most valuable use of my time right now?
  • What am I ultimately trying to accomplish?
  • What am I giving up to do this?  
  • Should I continue doing this?

Deciding to stop doing something that is no longer valuable is often more important than actually deciding to start doing something new.  Ask questions whenever you feel stuck in a commitment that is no longer serving your long-term goals.

These are perfect questions to ask whenever you are unsure about what to do next. Whenever you choose to do something, you are giving up a piece of your life.  The purpose of these questions is to help you realize what you are giving up. Once you recognize the true cost of an activity, you may decide that it is not how you really want to spend your time.

You should also ask these questions about activities that you are already doing on a regular basis. While all of these things may be valuable undertakings, you may be sacrificing something even more important to do them. Asking “What am I giving up to do this?” may turn out to be a real eye opener.

Make it a habit to keep asking until you get an answer. At first, you’ll have to keep reminding yourself to ask these questions over and over again. Eventually they will become a habit that will serve you for the rest of your life.  Sometimes you won’t get an answer to these questions right away but be patient and the right answer will come.



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