I Used To Worry

I don’t worry like I use to and I think it’s because once I was touched by grief I realized nothing is worth worrying about.

After all death is the worst and it’s come and gone out of my life without my being able to stop it.  Worry doesn’t help or change any aspect of our lives even if the worry drives us into some kind of action.

Worry about my health could drive me into an exercise program but it wouldn’t keep me there.  To stay in the program I would have to enjoy exercising and no amount of worry will ever make me like exercising.

Worry just doesn’t cut it because although it brings into focus our fears and disappointments it does nothing to lessen them.  In fact I’ve found that most things I used to worry about never even came to be.  Somethings are just not worth our time.

Taking care of your current needs in the present, leaves little time to worry about the past or future.  So take care of what is presently in your world now: love, friends and family.  If you come from a place of love, you will be more able to deal with anything that does come your way.

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