How To Use “Law of Attraction”

 Did you know that what you give your attention, energy and focus to (whether negative or positive) is what you are attracting into your life?

I know that bad things happen like the death of our spouse or a child and we didn’t attract it.  But afterwards while we are grieving we often get into a negative mindset and I do believe that is when we stop healing.

At every moment I send out thoughts that are either positive or negative into the world around me.  If I send out positive thoughts I receive positive people and things back into my world.  But when I send out negative thoughts I find that more negative people and things seem to come into my life.

I recently took a “Law of Attraction” course from Michael Losier, author of the book “Law of Attraction”.   I took it with eleven other people while on a cruise in Mexico.

I learned a lot about the science of attracting more of what I want and less of what I don’t want.  I want to share with you a three step formula for deliberate attraction that I learned from Michael:

  • Step 1:  Write out what you do want (Here is a clue- it is opposite of what you don’t want).  This will give you clarity as to what life path you are on.
  • Step 2:  Every day give it your attention, energy and focus so that you are attracting it into your life.  Do this by reading it out loud first thing in the morning, several times a day and last thing before you go to sleep.
  •  Step 3:  Allow it into your life be removing any doubt that you will receive it.  Do this by taking note of every small successful step that has moved you towards what you wanted in step 1.  With every small success look yourself in the mirror and say, “I am in the process of getting….”

I am also a work in process, in my own journey, through grief and healing. I struggle and make mistakes along the way but the one thing I’ve learned is that as long as I’m moving forward I will eventually get to where I should be.

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