Positive Thinking

A lot of positive people have shared with me over the years and they have been part of my own grief journey.  Without positive thinking and positive people in our lives we will find it hard to move forward and heal.

I recently took a “Law of Attraction” course from Michael Losier, author of the book “Law of Attraction” while on a cruise in Mexico.  I learned that  I send out  positive or negative thoughts every moment of my day.

When I send out negative thoughts I find that more negative people and things seem to come into my life.  If I send out positive thoughts I receive positive people and things to me.  Most important of all is that I learned that I am in control of my thoughts and so therefore I have control of what comes into my world.

I am still working on this but believe me when I say that positive people are much more fun to be around than negative people.

I learned a lot about the science of attracting more of what I want and less of what I don’t want.  I will continue to share what I learn as I go through my own journey and I hope that it helps you as it has helped me.


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