True Friends

After the death of your husband, true friends will be easy to spot.  They will stand by you no matter how uncomfortable things are.  They don’t have to say a word because they understand your grief and can sense both when you need to be alone and when you need them beside you.

Unfortunately, this is where friends who don’t understand will also be easy to spot.  They just want everything to return to normal in their world.  They want to “hurry up the process of grief” because they find you too depressing to be around.

But life is not normal and will never be “normal” as it was when your loved one was with you.  Your world has changed and adjusting to it has to come on your timeline and not someone else’s.

Don’t feel guilty or sad over friends that seem emotionally shallow.  They probably have never experienced the loss of a loved one and so don’t know how it feels.

Also, don’t worry about the friends that have faded away but instead appreciate those true friends that have stayed with you.

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