Widows – Negative Stereotypes

Society has some ideas about widows and unfortunately they sometimes see us widows as negative stereotypes.

  • Widows are always mourning.
  • It is disrespectful to the dead for widows to have fun.
  • Widows are emotionally unstable.
  • They present a threat to their friends’ marriages.
  • Widows are more likely to use alcohol and tranquilizers to relieve tension.
  • They have fewer feelings of well-being, self-esteem and  control.
  • Widows are uncomfortable to be around.

These negative stereotypes are damaging to widows and we should not let these images affect our personal grief.

Many people in our culture are afraid of death and try to think about it as little as possible. Because of this fear they treat women differently when they find out their spouse has died.

This is not our problem and we don’t need to get caught up in worrying about what others think.  Our journey must come from within, and no two widows will ever respond to their loss in exactly the same way.

Be comfortable with your grief because it’s “normal” for you and that’s what matters.

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