Cherish the Memories

Here is an great article from Dora Carpenter, CPC – Founder The ANIYA Group Life Coaching Center

Cherish the Memories and Embrace the Future
What do you do when you can’t go back, can’t erase, can’t redo, and can’t change the past?  The death of a loved one leaves you with many thoughts of “if I could only.” 

 A difficult, yet vital, step in the grief process is acceptance; but, what does acceptance really mean?  Merely saying to someone to accept the loss may be perceived as “it’s a fact so get over it and get on with your life.”   Of course, the tasks of making funeral arrangements and attending memorial services forces you to accept the death, but how do you effectively move on to a life without someone you hoped to share the rest of your life with?

 The emotions of grief are normal and natural and you must go through to get through.  One of the tools I recommend that you include in your tool kit is a two-step process of cherishing the memories and embracing the future.  Although somewhat difficult, starting with gratitude is an effective step as you navigate this journey.  Don’t attempt to erase or forget the past, but instead cherish it with gratitude. 
Times of bliss and times of challenge are all memories that will be with you forever.  As you cherish these memories, define a path for life going forward.  You must embrace the future.  This is necessary for moving forward and finding meaning and purpose in your ‘new’ life.

 Working in the death care industry for over 10 years has afforded me the opportunity to hear countless stories of unfulfilled hopes and dreams.  I challenge you to not leave your loved ones with such stories.  I encourage you to cherish the memories and embrace your future.



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