Inner Peace and Contentment

One thing every generation of women has had in common is our pursuit of beauty.

In today’s society we don’t have to search far to realize that the pursuit of beauty continues to be stronger then ever.

We have access to tools for achieving and maintaining beauty – exercise, health and cosmetic surgery plus much more.  However, is it increasing our inner peace and contentment?

The marketplace sends messages that we need to look a certain way and if you don’t, then you should be doing something about it.

This fruitless search for perfection can be dangerous as it leads to envy, competition, compromise and low self-esteem. 

As a widow you may want to start dating but you can’t help comparing yourself to other women who look better, younger and happier then you. It’s easy to fall into the trap of spending too much time, money and effort trying to be something other then yourself. 

I’m not here to tell you that beauty doesn’t matter, but to encourage you to put beauty in its right perspective.  Your worth is not dependent on how you look.

We all want to romanced, noticed, loved and pursued but be careful of the price you pay as the prize may not be worth your inner peace and contentment.

Beauty is a package deal – a blend of both external and internal beauty.  Although we can have one without the other, the secret to beauty is that internal beauty amplifies external beauty.  Sadly it doesn’t necessarily work in reverse and a physically beautiful woman may have a very ugly soul.

In the end I believe that inner peace and contentment makes a woman more beautiful then any makeup etc. will ever do.  When you’re ready to start dating don’t make the mistake of  just focusing on your outer-appearance while ignoring your inner growth and beauty.

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