Our Feelings As Survivors

All the books tell us that we need to connect with our feeling as if in some strange way they were in some other location rather than within us.

Our feelings are what make us human and regardless of what feelings we are experiencing we need to take time to recognize that we are feeling.  There are times as a survivor when we a numb and that is probably the best way to just get past those first few minutes, hours, days and months.

But then the feelings start and the grieving begins.  Every important action we take is motivated by our feelings – positive or negative.  As survivors we need to recognize the feelings we have been experiencing since the death of our loved one.  By getting in touch with our feelings we are then able to deal with them.  

We need to give our feelings space to live, respecting their existence and recognizing how they are controlling our actions.  Your feelings are within you every moment, with every breath you take.

Respect those feelings and allow yourself the freedom to recognize your feelings of grief. Only then you will be able to open yourself up to new feelings of healing and joy.

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