Sleeping Pills

Sleep is as vital to your health as diet and exercise.  But when your loved one dies sleep is hard to come by.  

Sometimes on a temporary basis such as the loss of a loved one sleeping pills may help. Most sleep experts agree that sleeping pills should be used only in the smallest effective dose, for the shortest of time and with extreme caution.  

Never take more than the recommended dose, never combine more than one prescription or drink alcohol while on sleeping pills.

The downside of sleeping pills:

  • Prolong use brings tolerance and over time it will take greater dosages to sleep.
  • Sleeping pills can be addictive and withdrawal will be difficult and uncomfortable.
  • When you stop you are likely to have bad dreams and even more insomnia.
  • Don’t drive after you have taken your sleeping pills.

For short-term insomnia, the safe use of sleeping pills can be an effective way of inducing sleep when your loved one has died.  But be careful and don’t get dependent on them.  If you continue to have problems sleeping look at natural supplements like the herb Valerian, the root of a European plant.  

I recommend that you talk to your doctor and do your own research before you make any decisions about taking sleeping pills.

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