Getting Organized

It is a rare person that has everything in order, who has a plan in place for what they will do when their loved one dies.

You need to make a master list of what must be done immediately and how, and then another list with plans for the next six months.  You need to have a lawyer, preferably one who is knowledgeable in matters of estate – if you don’t have one get a referral from friends or the local bar association.

A large spiral notebook divided in two sections (section one for immediate and section two for next six months) is ideal for keeping track of all you need to do.  Remember to check off each task as it is accomplished.  Consider a cardboard file box for keeping all the necessary documents and papers with your notebook.

Choose a time to work on these have-to tasks when you are feeling able to concentrate.  You may want to ask a friend who has some business experience to give you some ongoing help.

Don’t be tempted to simply rifle through your mail and then let it pile up somewhere.  Toss out junk mail immediately – put cards and letters of condolence in a basket to be read and answered when ready and bills in a special drawer to be dealt with the first and middle of each month.

As you gain strength you will slowly be able to make it through the details that may now seem overwhelming.

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