Types of Hospice Care

There are many types of Hospice care depending on where you live.  Some programs may incorporate smaller existing programs or the community may choose based on its needs and financial capabilities. Informal Hospice Care Family wanting to care for the … Read More

Are there Different Stages of Grieving?

Some people believe that there are different stages of grieving but it’s not that simple.  We can’t say we are in stage two and getting ready for stage three.  Grief is just not that straight forward. When a loved one … Read More

Do You Need A Support Group?

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Widows often ask me, “Do support groups work?” or “Will a support group help my grief?”  The answer is “Yes” – regardless of your background, age or circumstances, widows who joined a support group were able to heal faster.  They … Read More

Loneliness is a Challenge

Loneliness is the greatest challenge faced by survivors.  When it comes to accepting and dealing with loss, each day presents its own challenge. A simple everyday task can trigger the loneliness of loss.  Loneliness is judged to be more difficult … Read More

Do Men Grieve Different Than Women?

Although we all experience grief when we lose a loved one, women seem more likely than men to express their feelings of loss. But just because women are more expressive it doesn’t mean that they grieve more than men do. … Read More


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