Are You Too Busy?

Our lives have become so hectic and over scheduled that stopping to make a phone call to someone we really want to talk to, often feels like just one more additional thing to do.

I know that keeping busy has always been my way of handling grief and stress but it can be a dangerous habit.

There has been a massive increase in the last several years in people always talking about how busy they are.  It’s a real epidemic!  You don’t talk to someone in person or on the phone without hearing about how busy they are or how tired they are and how they have no time for themselves.

They talk about it because so much of it is true.  If a group of women want to get together it’s a major project to figure out a time when they can all do it.  It’s a crazy thing that our society has done as our communities have become a distant memory.

When I grew up there was always people dropping in for tea and today, no one drops in.   If something was happening someone noticed and cared.  Intimate human communication was just part of our lives but now we have to schedule a time for it.

We buy beautiful picture frames that say “Family” or “Friendship” and put photos in them of people that we are too busy to see or call.

I’m just as bad as everyone else – too busy is my motto but I’m trying and I want you to be aware so that you can also try.  Family and Friends use to be a part of our lives and not just something to schedule in.  Let’s try together to stop and think about what we are doing the next time we say “I’m too busy”!

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