Types of Hospice Care

There are many types of Hospice care depending on where you live.  Some programs may incorporate smaller existing programs or the community may choose based on its needs and financial capabilities.

Informal Hospice Care

Family wanting to care for the patient without formal help.  They may use a support circle of friends and family.

Home Care

This is a program through which professional case managers co-ordinate someone’s medical care at home.  It may be affiliated with a hospital or hospice unit as the patient remains at home where they are more comfortable.

Community Hospices

Organizations, primarily run by volunteers, to meet the needs of people with a terminal illness.  They work closely with the patient’s family physician and family.

Hospital Based Palliative Care Unit

A separate hospice unit within a hospital which  provides all the services needed for end of life patients.

Extended Care Services

Hospice programs may also be found in Nursing Homes and long term care facilities for end of life patients.

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