Can Laughter Help You Grieve?

Laughter helps ease pain, it can ease depression, it’s a way to move and get into your inner child plus it’s a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, as adults we don’t remember how to have fun.

Dr. Michael Miller, Director, Center for Preventative Cardiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center says, “The bottom line of our research is that laughter not only makes us feel good but it has a direct effect on our blood vessels.  And our blood vessels control the likelihood of us developing a heart attack or a stroke.  So if we keep the blood vessels healthy, then we’re going to be healthy.”

It’s good for your heart to laugh on a regular basis, it can burn up to 40 calories for a five minute laugh plus it’s healing for our soul.

I know when you are grieving that laughter is the last thing you are thinking about but it’s one of the best natural medicines for depression.  So make a decision to get out with friends or play with some children so that you can connect with your inner child and laugh again.

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