Watch Your Words

Words spoken without thought can hurt grieving widows and cause unnecessary pain.

Words have impact and rude, mean, harsh and nasty remarks have harmful effects.  These thoughtless words live long after they are spoken and affect everyone within hearing distance.

On the other hand, a seemingly casual compliment creates a lovely atmosphere that makes us feel good.  One kind word can give hope and courage to those that are grieving and we benefit from it also.

We all have the power to watch our words but it takes a conscious effort to do so.  “Think before you speak” should be part of everyone’s mandate.  Never waste words on cruel, mean or negative talk.  This type of talk produces terrible thoughts and vibrates negative energy – which we don’t need.

Just send out a good thought and say “Can I help you?”.  These words vibrate with positive energy and by helping others we strengthen our own character.  We benefit because the stronger our character becomes the more control we have over our own lives.

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