Grief Symptoms

You may be thinking to yourself, am I experiencing a normal grief? The truth is, losing someone close to you can affect all aspects of your being. You need to heal socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Although everyone differs, here are common symptoms with the grieving process:

1. Physical: It is not uncommon to experience a wide range pf physical symptoms. Crying is of course one of the most common ways to express our levels of sadness. You may also feel weak, with very little energy. Due to these symptoms, you could also develop a wide range of other related effects; stomach pain, self-destructive behaviour (drinking), loss of sleep, aches and pains, headaches, eating too little or too much, and many more potential symptoms.

2. Emotional: You will more than likely feel the largest blow to your emotional well-being. This can be hard to control, especially as you learn to adjust. Some of the most common emotional symptoms include; depression, anger, guilt, confusion, worry, anxiety, and an overall lack of control.

3. Social: It can be tough to adjust socially, especially when people do not understand the hurt you’re feeling inside. When someone experiences a loss, they can feel alone and isolated. Some begin to detach themselves from others, while others do not want to be left alone. For some, they become angry at other family members, because they are moving on with their lives.

4. Spiritual: Loss can cause people to question their faith, which can lead them to feelings of confusion and frustration. As humans, we begin searching for the meaning of life. It is hard to understand death, which can cause people to become angry. Some detach from their faith, while others grow closer, as they search for solace.

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