Why is Sleep so Important?

When we are grieving we need to get our sleep.  Lack of sleep adds even more stress to our minds and bodies.  Below is a list of what happens when we don’t get enough sleep or when our sleep quality is poor:

  • Lower concentration.
  • Harder to make decisions.
  • Irritability and frustration increases.
  • Body is sluggish.
  • Speech is slurred.
  • More accidents occur.
  • Physical health declines.
  • Mental health disorders worsen.
  • The aging process may speed up.

Long- term sleep deprivation can have serious consequences to your health; physically and mentally.  There is diminished critical thinking if a person is sleep deprived, which has a direct link to unhappiness and stress. 

When to Get Help 

  • If your functioning is impaired the following morning.
  • If you continually don’t feel restored after sleep.
  • You can’t fall asleep or stay asleep.
  • It’s been a problem for several months.

News:  Don’t watch late night news which features all the negatives of mankind.  No way will you be able to drift off to a peaceful sleep after 30 to 60 minutes of violence and disturbing news stories.

If you want to unwind in front of the television in the evening, tune into one of the comedy channels.  Your level of stress will drop and your mood will be more positive when you go to bed.

Negative words and images are not going to help you sleep.  So, before bed avoid TV news and opinionated talk show hosts who make their living stirring up controversy.  Allow yourself to get ready for bed without their voices in your head.

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