Recognize Your Feelings Of Grief

Do you need some “emotional coping” skills for protection against the pain of grief?   When you lose a loved one you are especially sensitive to everything and everyone around you. 

If someone says something that reminds you of your loss, your mind could go fuzzy and you could emotionally shut down.  You could get angry at yourself or lose your temper at others.   It would be a knee-jerk reaction to your pain but others may not understand.

Recognize when you are emotionally shut down, get angry or go into a rage.  Pay attention to the hurt and take time out.  Note the feelings – Are you angry?  Are you sad?  Do you feel desperate, lost, frightened?

You will gain power over your feelings, instead of letting your reactions overpower you, when you step back to take responsibility for your emotions – good, bad and ugly.   We all have them 🙂

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