People You Allow In Your Life

There are three parts in life – yesterday, today and tomorrow, and the people we allow in our lives are often here for just one part of our journey.

Those that were here yesterday may not have a place today or tomorrow. Don’t worry about it. People grow in different directions and at different paces. When you become single again you have to be prepared to enter your new future without yesterday’s people. You have grown from your pain and loss in ways that others may never understand.

Refuse to build your future with people that don’t understand you or worse, tell you to move on and get over it. Yes, we need to build a new future but our memories will always be part of who we are.

Life is too short to share it with negative people or people that want you to stay the same because they can’t handle change. Your husband has died and you will never be the same – you have forever changed and they need to accept that.

It is natural and normal to want old friends to remain close today and tomorrow but few make it. Sometimes bringing yesterday people into our new future is like trying to keep a favorite sweater that no longer fits. Prepare to enter into the future without some of yesterday’s people. Make room for some new friends as you rebuild your future.

You are not forfeiting old relationships lightly, you are just refusing to hold on to people that you have out grown. Pay attention to the people you allow in your life. Start using your energy to meet new friends and experience new places.

It’s hard to recognize when we need to change relationships and it’s painful to do so but you pay a high price when you keep negative and unhappy people in your life.

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  1. Li MaoWen
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    Dear Mary,

    I came across your website in searching for “people you allow in your life”. I am writing a book for children and are looking for reference material. I would like to cite or adapt the first passage of yours as above if you’d agree. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance.

    Best wish from Shanghai,


    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Please email me more details concerning what passage you want to quote and what your book is about. L

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