Do Widows Postpone Making Decisions?

Sometimes we widows keep putting off what needs to be done, thus causing stress and anxiety to build up.   Life is hard when we are grieving and it can be easier to postpone making a decision than to think … Read More

Can Widows Live Deliberately?

When we are grieving it’s hard to just get out of bed let alone experience life passionately and purposefully.  I know that we were created to live deliberately, not postponing joy for some time in the future, but how do … Read More

Chicks Night Out and Hospice

After Donnie died I was lost and didn’t know how to be happy or laugh again.  A few years later I started the group “Chicks Night Out” and it’s become a great social get together for all the ladies who … Read More

Memories Can Never Be Stolen

Life isn’t about “things” – “things” don’t come to your funeral. This past weekend I cleaned out the cottage so I could close it up for the winter. You would think that it would get easier but it doesn’t. It … Read More

True Friends

Nervous anticipation fluttered through me when I socialized the first year after Donnie’s death.  I remember one particular evening out with some friends and their husbands.  It was the first couple time with them without Donnie and I worried that I … Read More


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