True Friends

Nervous anticipation fluttered through me when I socialized the first year after Donnie’s death.  I remember one particular evening out with some friends and their husbands.  It was the first couple time with them without Donnie and I worried that I would be the odd person out.  I went anyway and the evening wasn’t half as bad as I had thought it would be.  We sat together as a group with no empty chairs and to an outsider you wouldn’t have known what man went with what woman – it was just a group of friends.

As a widow most of my fears never came about – my true friends stayed faithful.  At the time I was hurt by those friends that did slip away but in hindsight they weren’t true friends. What I did learn was that the best qualities of a true friend have nothing to do with age, religion or social standing.  

A true friend is someone you can trust and confide in.  Someone who believes in you. Someone who cares about you as you care about them. They are our cheerleaders and I’m forever thankful for true friends.

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