Memories Can Never Be Stolen

Life isn’t about “things” – “things” don’t come to your funeral. This past weekend I cleaned out the cottage so I could close it up for the winter. You would think that it would get easier but it doesn’t. It still feels as if a little bit of Donnie disappears every time I give away something of his.

These “things”are part of my past, but I need to move forward without them. My mind tells me that it’s time to let these “things” go, but my heart is still saddened. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that past memories can never be stolen from our hearts.  New memories come but they will never replace the old.  I don’t need “things” to keep my past memories because those memories are burned into my heart. When its time to replace the old don’t worry about memories going with them.

When it’s time to clean out the old or move into a new place it might be a good time to get some uplifting and inspiring art for your walls. Surround yourself with objects from nature and plants with bright colors to liven up your home.  It can be fun to take charge of some easy remodeling and painting.  It will give you a boost to clean out a room and rebuild it with fresh paint, new artwork and less clutter.

It may take energy you don’t feel like you have, but just getting up and doing this as a project will make you feel like your accomplishing something. That feeling will help you move on to the next project and give you something positive to plan for.

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