Special People

Special people come into our lives sometimes for a moment and sometimes for a life time.  We don’t always take note of everything they do or recognize how they help us on our journey.  They never ask for thanks or even think that what they do is special, but somehow they understand what we need and are there for us.

I’ve travelled a long way in my grief journey thanks to the “Sisterhood of Widows”.  Many people have helped me along the way but I have two special people who really changed my direction.  I don’t think I ever really told them, but they are special to me and I want to acknowledge them.

First – Holly Reid from Brenan’s Funeral Homes.  Holly was the very first person I talked to about writing a book for widows and she is 100% supportive of my passion for other widows and their grief journey.

Second – Ann Morgan James from Live Out Loud.  On my first visit to Author 101 I was so green and new to the whole business of marketing.  If it wasn’t for Ann I would never have taken the huge step to market my book and from there become a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.

Both of these amazing ladies had faith in me, faith that I didn’t have in myself.  Today I want to thank them and all those other special people out there – those who encourage others to fearlessly follow their passion.

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