Chicks Night Out and Hospice

After Donnie died I was lost and didn’t know how to be happy or laugh again.  A few years later I started the group “Chicks Night Out” and it’s become a great social get together for all the ladies who have lost a loved one.

It’s not a grief session – but a social time to eat and have some fun.  But something else, not expected, has come out of our monthly get together’s.  We have learned to help not only each other but our local Hospice.

Every year we fund raise and walk for the “Hike for Hospice” and this year I’m proud to say that our group was in the Top Five Fundraising Teams.  Giving back is healing our grief and a true blessing for everyone.

This is Canada’s Thanksgiving weekend and a perfect time for me to thank all the ladies in “Chicks Night Out” for not only being part of my journey but also for all the fund raising and walking they did for Hospice.

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